Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Panjpeer Shrine

Panjpeer Shrine

Panjpeer Abohar | Abohar City | Abohar Temples
Panjpeer in Abohar
Panjpeer in Abohar (literally: five partners) Abohar City, Temple in Punjab, India, formerly known as the place now occupied Abohar that destroyed the ancient city of Abunagar is called in the local legends, the five is a shrine dedicated to peers. The temple is considered sacred by members of different religions.
Panjpeer in Abohar | Abohar City | Abohar Temples
Panjpeer in Abohar
In the twelfth century, was the ruler of Raja Hari Chand Abunagar. King fell ill with leprosy, and Multan Panjpeers sacred blood of horses that had advised her illness can be treated. King was on the verge of death, with Panjpeers decided to go his own daughter. He stole horses and Abunagar 81 Panjpeers brought them back. Unfortunately, before he could return, King had succumbed to the disease. Panjpeers be returned to their horses that sent the request, but to plead for his return Panjpeers Abunagar the princess refused traveled in person. Then, Panjpeers despite several polite requests, refused to back the horse princess. So angry, Panjpeers destroyed their sacred place with powers. His curse was deserted area.


Heel devotees, chaddar, salt and milk provide. Sawan is a huge fair is held every year on Panjpeer Mela in July 30.

Panjpeer Mela Abohar | Abohar City | Abohar Temples
Panjpeer Mela in Abohar
Location: The Shrine of Panj Peer is located in the north east region of Abohar City on Abohar - Panj Peer Road. It is situated at a distance of 2.5 km from Abohar Bus Stand and 3.5 km from Abohar Railway Station. Tourists can avail local buses and auto rickshaws of the city to reach this attraction. 

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