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Homeopathic College

The College got recognition from Council of Homoeopathic System of Medicines, Punjab in 1975, the year of its foundation. The foundation stone of Homoeopathic Hospital, in the heart of town, was laid by S.Balwant Singh, then Finance Minister,Punjab on 21st Sept.1979 and inauguration ceremony was performed by Sh.Joginder Paul Pandey, then Health Minister Punjab on 21st March 1982. The institute owes its sincere gratitude to Lions club Abohar and Seth Badri Nath Khanna Charitabe Trust who took reins of this institution in 1987 and remain associated upto 30th Sept. 1990 and since then the institute has got privilege the Patronage of Bhai Kanhaiya Sewa Society(Regd) Goniana Mandi, under whose care 35 esteemed institutions have been flourshing all over India. The institution owns its in-door Homoeopathic Hospital furnished with 300 mA & 100 mA X-ray’s machines ,semi auto-analyzer for Lab.investigations, new buildings of in-campus Girls & Boys hostles along with Principal residence.Hompethic College in Abohar City near Fazilka.it is Best College for BHMS, nursing, Ayurveda in Abohar City

We, at Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital Abohar City near Malout have set an objective of imparting advanced and specialist knowledge to students. We've worked hard, and always will, to achieve our goals of awakening the minds of medical students who opt for this field, and provide them all the technical information they require to become truly great, enthusiastic, and skillful homoeopathic doctors and bring constant positive changes in the world.

Our team of highly motivated and hard-working teachers is full of specialist knowledge. We always begin with most basic concepts, ensuring that concepts in much easier, methodical and interesting ways. We attempt our very best to pass on our advanced knowledge to our students, and also sow the seeds of curiosity in the minds of students, making them thirsty for more and more knowledge, which leads them to practical researching (with our best assistance, whenever required), which ultimately results to them becoming successful in their career objectives and prove to be the best.

Under the benign patronage of

mahant Mahant Kahan Singh ji "Sewa Panthi"

Bhai Kahan Singh Ji has a great appreciation for people who are proficient in Sikh literature and religious studies and enjoys spending time in their company.Mahant Sahib has been honored by several Sikh Panthic organisations in India and in Western Countries for his many contributions to the Panth. He was also the chief organizer of the 55 and 56th Sikh Educational Conferences held at Goniana Mandi and in Malout.His efforts were greatly appreciated by the entire Sikh Panth. He has been a freelance contributing writer for several Punjabi language newspapers in India. He has himself authored many books, the most famous of which are, his exegesis of Rehras Sahib, Kirtan Sohila and Anand Sahib. He has many Gurbani Katha CDs abd DVDs in the market today. He has been most instrumental in the success of the Seva Panthi monthly magazine, 'Seva Jyoti'.

                                 Contact US

Dr. Rajinder Girdher
Mobile : 9814378058

Mr. Sanjeev Bajaj
Mobile : 08054855001
E-mail : registrar@rietabh.ac.in
S.Tara Singh
Mobile : 08054851001
E-mail : chairman@rietabh.ac.in

Trilok Singh Dhillon
Acc Oficer
Mobile : 9855461644

Ph. :01634-220868( College)
Ph. :01634-225293(Hospital)
Fax: 01634-224185
email: hmcabohar@yahoo.com,contact@hmcabohar.com
Affiliated with: Baba Farid University of Health Sciences


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